"Confetti Choreography"

Wedding Dances with a Difference!

Need a great first dance but don't want to commit to a programme of ballroom lessons? "Confetti Choreography" is a wedding dance service creating special first dances tailor made to you. Our qualified teacher,
Philippa Cooke will tell you more:


"I'm not a ballroom teacher and I'm not here to make you learn countless steps
with complicated technique, attending week after week of lessons.
You have enough to do on the run up to a wedding!

I work around your dance experience and ability, designing a creative but easy to remember routine taking away the stress of the first dance. I have a passion for choreography and music and use this to produce something a little more contemporary whilst maintaining a classic and sophisticated image.

If you've never danced before or if one of you has more experience than the other,
it's not a problem!

I'm here to make you both look good, keep your guests' attention on you and create a great memory of your very special day."

First of all, you will be asked to fill out a form so Philippa can find out more about you, your dance experience, music, theme ideas and generally what you are looking for. If you need help with ideas, we can help to guide you in the right direction. You will then need to book 2-3 lessons to learn the routine and then you will be provided with a pack to aid your practice at home. A couple of refreshers just before the big day and you're good to go!

We can work around any theme (traditional, slow/upbeat, medieval, country & western, rock & roll, 60s etc). If you want a dance for your bridesmaids, or a big group number, we can also help you with this! Lessons will be held at our venues, please see our 'Where Are We' page.  

For enquiries please fill in our contact form.