Festivals [otherwise known as competitions] are available for those children and students who wish to take their dancing to a higher level. We currently have a festival team of around 20-25 pupils. Although the team is small, they are a successful, strong competitive group winning many medals and trophies.

We normally select children who we feel would be suitable for competitions in terms of ability and attitude although we are happy to include any pupils who show a keen interest. If you wish to do festivals then you need to bear the following in mind:


• Attend all general classes regularly and if possible to do at least 1 classical ballet class each week and also a gymnastic class if only for conditioning purposes


• Be prepared to attend and pay for extra lessons on a regular basis and further additional rehearsals during the festival season


• New children to the school would need a training period before being considered for festivals if interested


• We do 4 festivals each year which are local and we expect everyone to do at least 3


• Enter all dances in every festival (solos, duets, trios and troupes)


• Be prepared to pay for new costumes when needed which must be approved by your teacher


• To practice hard at home


• Be prepared to commit to Sundays during the festival dates.


Festivals are exciting to participate in and bring everyone together as a team. We encourage festivals because it takes students into the outside world and broadens their experience.


Our team work extremely hard and support each other whatever the outcome. We support our girls even if medals are not won, all we ask is that they work to best of their ability and uphold our good reputation. At the end of the day the result is the adjudicators opinion and this should be an enjoyable experience for all.


If you are interested in festivals please speak to your teacher

Further photographs of our festival team can be found on our Galleries page.